Most Popular Waxing Styles in 2021 

The summer is the best time of year to hit the beach and clear your head from the headaches of daily working life. But before you grab your bikini and hit the road you might be thinking to your self should I hit the salon first? Women today are bold and proud of their bodies and regular waxing has become a huge part of their routine.

Most popular Bikini Waxing Styles

There is no one size fits all option for waxing and there are a ton of styles to choose from. If you are new to waxing, or you are a seasoned pro, we have compiled a list of the basic styles that have increased in popularity in 2021.

Brazilian Waxing

A long-time classic staple of the waxing industry, the Brazilian wax includes the removal of all hair around the front, sides, and back of the pubic area extending all the way to your rear. There are a ton of variations to choose from but most importantly it is your decision to pick the style most suited to your needs!

Bikini Line Waxing

This style is about as close to the all-natural look you can get while still promoting great hygiene around your lady bits. The basic Bikini line wax keeps the tops and sides straightened up and is easy to do, cheaper, and requires little maintenance. However, you can always customize this popular style to your liking by removing hair from additional areas to create the look you want.

Hollywood Bikini Wax

Think of this as the ultimate Brazilan as it goes a step further and removes 100% of the hair from below the belt. If your looking for a completely smooth look and feel then this is the option for you. It also helps with consistent hair growth as all of your hair will have to regrow meaning easier maintenance and appointment tracking.

Bikini Wax Designs

For some women removing all of the hair from their intimate areas can be uncomfortable which is why many choose to shape the hair left behind. This promotes a clean and maintained look that keeps you feeling good about your private bits.

Landing Strip Wax

this is a very popular style of bikini wax that removes most of the hair around the front and back but leaves a small strip in the front. This keeps the hair well-trimmed and uniform.

Bermuda Triangle Wax

Don’t be frightened by the name, this waxing style leaves a stylish upside-down triangle right above your lady bits and is commonly combined with the Brazilian bikini wax.

It’s Your Choice

The bottom line is it’s your choice no matter what style, look, or feel you are going for. Pick something that you think best expresses yourself and the look you are going for. Have fun with it and take the summer by storm and enjoy the beauty of the bikini season!

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