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Waxing doesn’t always have to be just for “special occasions”. It can be something that will keep you feeling good about yourself year ‘round! Make it apart of your normal routine!

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We offer the following waxing services:


Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is slightly different from bikini waxing. It comprises of the removal of hair from the belly button to the buttocks and involves a clean waxing on, around and even outside the bikini area. That being said, Brazilian wax is also recognized as “bare wax” because it results in leaving you hairless and bare from your belly button to the buttocks. Ever since Brazilian waxing has been made known in our modern culture, it is currently part of the normal routine of all women when it comes to their hygiene.

Body Waxing

The Waxing Spot offers full body and face waxing. If you want a flawless result without the hassle, waxing is a great choice. If it is just involving your bridal package, honeymoon fantasies or just want to have that sexy, smooth feeling, full body waxing is designed to give you that flawless look and feel throughout your body. View our special packages and prices. Call today for more information. Don’t wait!


When compared to waxing, sugaring doesn’t entail dipping or strips. It’s all-natural alternative that’s made from lemon, sugar and water. The esthetician rolls the sugaring paste onto the skin, using a flicking action to remove hair follicles from the root. This process is safe for those who are prone to ingrown hairs and allergies and it works on all areas of the body. It is beneficial for those that typically experience rashes and razor burns.

Beyond Waxing Services We Offer:

Brow Tinting

There are many benefits to eyebrow tinting. It is a procedure that shapes and defines to enhance your natural brows. It semi-permanently colors the brow hairs resulting in a stain of color on the skin that fills in the thinner places within the brow. It gives you the following benefits:

  • It’s smudge proof.
  • It darkens light brow hairs.
  • It defines brow shape.
  • It gives a youthful appearance.
  • It presents fuller-looking brows.
  • It’s pain free!

Brow tinting not only adds dimension and depth to a look, but it can also add length to the end of the brow, wherever the hairs that are apt to be finer and lighter. In a matter of three to four weeks, little by little the tint begins to fade away, so you don’t have to be concerned about a shabby grow out period like you do with hair color.


Compared to the eyebrow pencil that is wiped off, eyebrow Microblading is a tattoo procedure that is semi-permanent using a handheld microblading pen that is used to draw on strokes that simulate the appearance of real eyebrows and creates the illusion of fuller brows. Here are a few benefits:

  • It lasts 1-3 years.
  • It saves time in getting ready each morning.
  • It’s smudge proof.
  • The pigment does not change color.
  • It’s a great solution to regain eyebrows.
  • It’s safe.

Microblading is a great solution to faking fuller eyebrows that look natural without the hassle of spending hours trying to pencil in the shape. It suits those who have faded or thin eyebrows, want to correct asymmetrical brows, or have lost the tail end of the brow.

Call The Waxing Spot’s esthetician, Fernanda Barrows to book a consultation. She had more than 15 years of experience in the art of semi-permanent makeup. You won’t be disappointed!

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